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C O V I D - 1  9  I N F O R M A T I O N


Auckland is at RED under the new Covid Protection Framework


My Vaccine Pass

My Vaccine Pass is an official record of your COVID-19 vaccination          status for use in Aotearoa New Zealand. It is the only valid document that can be used to access events or venues that require proof of your vaccination status, see link for more info.

Public and private gatherings at RED

  • Gatherings can go ahead.

  • Gatherings are limited to 100 people if everyone has a My Vaccine Pass.

  • Gatherings are limited to 25 people if My Vaccine Passes are not being used.

  • Children and babies are included in the gathering limits — but not people working at a gathering.

  • You must wear a face mask at a gathering if the defined space is shared with other groups or members of the public.

  • You do not need to wear a face mask at a gathering when your gathering is the only one using the defined space and other people cannot mix with your guests.

  • You do not need to wear a face mask when gathering in a private home

Exercise, Sport & Recreation


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