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Jul 02, 2021
In Training and Technique
Have you checked out the recent panui from Tania? (see below) That's us wahine ma! 😊😊😉 Come along on Saturday mornings, 8am (and the odd Sundays) for singles training. If you've got a single bring it down and come for a paddle out. The more the merrier! Register your attendance on Instateams to train singles. Ocean Blue W1 Winter Regatta Start date Sunday 11th July We would like to invite everyone with a W1 to share their waka with someone else in the club to create the opportunity for others to race Juniors/Novice Seniors 2km – Experienced Seniors 4km or 5km Koha - $20 for prize pool * Sign up on Instateam
May 30, 2021
In Training and Technique
Today our ladies were introduced to Reuben who will be supporting our women's teams for land training in our pursuit of qualifying for Worlds at Nationals 2022. Reuben is currently training our J16 boy's crew and has offered his training expertise to help us reach our goal. From Monday 31 May, Reuben has asked that individually we commit for the next 7 days to 10 minutes of brisk walking or jogging daily to kick start us into a regular routine. It will help us physically and mentally prepare for the training regime he has in store for us. Next Sunday 6 June, we will all be taken through the training programme. Stay tuned here for updates on our training journey and feel free to post comments/pics here too. #teamsqualifyingistheendgoal #excited